Online games give fulfillment to identity

By Jonathan Persson |

Steven Benner, an avid video gamer, enjoys playing all different types of video games. However, when I asked him what game he enjoys the most he said “World of Warcraft.” He plays this game in his spare time at his home, because it makes him happy.

“For me, Warcraft is not just a game. It is a way for me to live out my fantasies. I can do whatever I want within the realm of the game,” Benner said.

Curiosity finds first signs of Mars’ history

By Tiffanie Reynolds |

Mars rover Curiosity will be drilling into what may be the first signs of water in the next two weeks.

During a news teleconference held Tuesday, Mars Science Laboratory project manager Richard Cook and the rest of the team announced their discovery of veins filled with hydrated calcium sulfate in the bedrock on Yellowknife Bay, a shallow depression toward the bottom of the Gale Crater, where Curiosity is currently located. The team takes the presence of hydrated calcium sulfate in the rock as a sign that there once was water in the area, because calcium sulfate is produced when water evaporates from the mineral as it is being heated.