St. Augustine after the storm: in photos

By Katherine Lewin | Less than a year after Hurricane Matthew rocked the oldest city, Hurricane Irma hit Northeast Florida with 80 mph winds and 5-foot storm surges. A day after the storm, downtown St. Augustine was nearly empty…

The Things We See

By Justin Katz | Everyone has a story to tell about themselves, but some stories are deeper than what’s on the surface.   Katie Frazier Flagler College junior Katie Frazier comes from a religiously conservative background. A part of…

Tattoos In Our Generation

Here at Flagler College tattoos are more than just a trend, but a way for students to express their personalities and share their pasts. In this article you may see your friends, your enemies, or people you do not know, but here are their stories written on skin.

Through the lens: Hastings human peace sign

By Sarah Williamson |
Photos by Sarah Williamson and Walter Coker

About 114 people joined hands to form a human peace sign at W.E. Harris Community Center Field in Hastings, this past Friday in celebration of International Day of Peace. The organizer Malea Guiriba, 55, said, “it’s a cool thing, seeing everyone out here in a rural town [like this] … just spreading peace.”