A summer of courtrooms and murder trials

By Stephanie Gibson

Stephanie GibsonI woke up physically shaking and on the verge of tears. Robert Anthony Cannon, one of the men who admitted his responsibility in the brutal beatings, mutilation and murder of five people and a dog in Deltona, had escaped from the St. John’s County jail. He somehow managed his way past several sheriffs, killing anyone in his path. He recognized my face from the courtroom and he was coming after me.

Fortunately, it was all a dream. But I was literally “eating, breathing and sleeping” the news. Although in fact he was not after me, I still have chills thinking about that haunting nightmare.

Even abroad, life is always full of quirks

By Eric Waldron I ended up in Asia this summer the same way my Jewish American Princess mother ended up in the hills of north Georgia: I met a foreign guy, became intoxicated by his exoticness and, before I knew it, I was sleeping under…

Broadsheet format boasts new features for The Gargoyle

By Glenn Judah If you have not noticed the new changes, yet here’s your cheat sheet from the inside source: me. From now on The Gargoyle will have special features displayed inside the left rail of each section frontpage. The features include columns, blogs, photos,…

You mean these equations actually mean something?

By Kim Hartman When referring to math, I’ve heard the sentence so many times it hurts: “I’m never going to use this in life.” I’ve always been confused as to why the phrase became so popular, since math has always applied to my life.

The real cut and run strategy

By Keith St. Peter Though the Bush administration claims that improving education and increasing America’s technological prowess are some of its domestic priorities, its policy is consistently counterproductive to this mission. Whether the discussion is about No Child Left Behind, student funding or increasing science…

Can I Ever Shop Alone?

By Mindy Arbour Why is it that every time I want to get away from everyone and go shopping to get my mind off of things, salespeople are following me around asking if I need anything? If I need something, I will let you know….

Underachieving is still achieving

By Abigail Hasle I have no problem admitting that I am an academic underachiever. This disposition does not manifest itself in my professional or personal life. My underachievement is only prevalent in school. Procrastination, giving it 90 percent and meeting the minimum requirements are my…

Real world hits as graduation looms

By Amy Stewart It is true what they say: “More money, more problems.” I hate that. In my particular experience, “they” has always been my mother, though she has never said it in so many words.

Serving the good, bad and crazy

By Stephanie Gibson My typical day at the restaurant where I work involves meeting and serving people who I know must act differently with me than they would at home. Some demand things, some are rude and some are just plain crazy. And when I…