It’s the Great Halloween Sham, Charlie Brown

Tom Iacuzio, Content Editor By Tom Iacuzio As one of the elder statesmen on this campus, I remember back a bit farther than many of you who will read this. I remember the days when you looked forward to Halloween. It was that one day…

I think my street is turning into Wisteria Lane

Eric Waldron, Senior Writer By Eric Waldron There’s trouble brewing on Keswick Road in Royal St. Augustine. Once a quiet golfing community that prided itself on its summer night cookouts, well-manicured lawns and an absolute adherence to the ten miles an hour speed limit, Keswick…

Open minds on closed captioning

By Kim Hartman

“Hey, can you turn off the subtitles?” my dad asked the bartender one day while we were watching a Philadelphia Eagles game at a sports bar in Jupiter, Fla.

“Sorry, sir,” he said. “I can’t. This is a public establishment.”

Life as an On-Campus Junior

Brittany Sanko Oh the joys of dorm life! Living in a small space with other girls can create wonderful memories and random moments of absolute hysteria for many freshmen who are in college for the first time. It is the best way to meet your…

How do you keep up with technology

By Brittany Sanko I have finally bought the one thing I didn’t have this past summer; an iPod nano. My new white toy was something I had wanted for such a long time and had finally gained. Thanks to a huge rebate gift card my…

Have I told you lately that I love you?

By Kivi Hermans

Life can change in an instant. Many people may believe that this sentiment is simply a way to encourage people to show a greater appreciation for their lives, but for some, including myself, it is an idea that has proven itself to be true.

Problem: How does a reporter cover himself?

By Glenn Judah

News becoming news. That just doesn’t make sense. Well, that’s what happened on Sept. 21.
That day professors, students and even a president would become figureheads for the different meanings of journalism. They would appear on the local television news to talk about censorship concerning an article in The Gargoyle, which caused the momentary disposal of its first issue this semester.

Offensive article in last issue of The Gargoyle

Letter to the Editor

By Annie Schneiderman

I was surprised to notice that after the revision to the paper, Eric Waldron’s article remained unchanged.

Although his headline states “Even abroad, life is always full of quirks,” he relied on hurtful, ignorant stereotypes and clichés instead of saying anything quirky or positive about other cultures.

Tension between life and the lines

By Michael O’Donnell

Michael O'DonnellStop and ask yourself—why do I watch sports? Why does one devote so much time watching ESPN, Fox Sports Net, or FSN? Spending 10 hours in front of the TV watching pre-game shows, games, and then the post game shows? Why does one invest so much energy into watching one team during a season, following their every move like it was their last?

A summer of courtrooms and murder trials

By Stephanie Gibson

Stephanie GibsonI woke up physically shaking and on the verge of tears. Robert Anthony Cannon, one of the men who admitted his responsibility in the brutal beatings, mutilation and murder of five people and a dog in Deltona, had escaped from the St. John’s County jail. He somehow managed his way past several sheriffs, killing anyone in his path. He recognized my face from the courtroom and he was coming after me.

Fortunately, it was all a dream. But I was literally “eating, breathing and sleeping” the news. Although in fact he was not after me, I still have chills thinking about that haunting nightmare.