On Campus

Pedal with purpose By Elizabeth Poore A big trend on campus lately has been bicycles. Whether it is recreational or “gang related,” more and more Flagler students are parking their cars and peddling their way through life.

Number of commencement tickets cut

Seniors to get one less ticket to accommodate larger graduating class

By Kathleen Holland and Abby Krembs

Due to the increase in graduation class size, Flagler College has decreased the number of commencement tickets for the Gymnasium from six to five, while graduates will still receive two tickets for the simulcast in the Auditorium.

Writer to host workshops

By Joe Wolf The English department at Flagler College will host Dr. Kelly Stern as writer in residence this April with public readings April 4 and 5.

New grading scale approved

Plus/minus scale passes, but not yet implemented By Kara Pound The Flagler College faculty has voted yes to change the current grading scale to a plus and minus grading scale, but it is still not implemented.

Digital technology leads to digital cheating

By Adam Ehrenberg Cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), iPods, blackberries. They are a fundamental part of the way today’s college students grew up, with most of them owning one and using it in their daily lives. But there has been a growing concern at…

Reading center opened for Flagler students

By Brittany Hackett Flagler College is offering a new service to students who feel overwhelmed with academics. The new Reading Center provides help to students who want to improve study skills, such as time management, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Dr. James Jasper runs the…

SIFE holds week-long festival on ethics

By Adam Brod During the week of March 5 to March 10, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) hosted a campus-wide competition of who could make the best business ethics T-shirt design. Entries were judged by all Flagler students who noticed the T-shirt display on the…

Former Wal-Mart head discusses leadership

Photo by Glenn Judah Former Wal-Mart President, Jack C. Shewmaker came to Flagler after an invitation from SIFE. By Glenn Judah The former president of Wal-Mart, Jack C. Shewmaker, gave Flagler College students and community members a look into his views on leadership, business, and…

Flagler students accepted to elite school

Two students will hop the pond to study at Sotheby’s in London By Brittany Hackett Of the 200 or so applicants who apply every year to the prestigious Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, only 50 make the cut into the graduate program. This year,…

How’s your horseless carriage running?

Simple suggestions for maintaining your car on a limited budget By Bailey Toombs Photo by Glenn Judah PHOTO CAPTION: Sophomore Dan Pope, a car enhusiast, checks the oil in his ’94 Mazda Niata. Pope will change the oil himself to avoid paying for the service….