Venus Flytrap

Contributed by Marcia Vojcsik

Come into my cell
Make yourself at home, dear friend

After Today

Contributed by Lauren Belcher

The bathroom was small. The walls were a cream color with black and red etchings that flowed from the ceiling to the floor tile. A bright red shag rug stretched out on the floor. On the wall, next to the shower, there was a giant mirror above the sink.

Inner Child

Contributed by Lauren Belcher

The feelings overwhelm me so I go inside.
Inside is where she hides, if I can find her.


Contributed by Emily Hoover

As I sit alone on my front porch, blanketed by darkness, smoking cigarettes naked, I am prompted—even compelled—to gaze outward, through the trees and into the window of my neighbor’s house.


Contributed by Aaron Turner

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It was dark outside. The flickering lights did little to illuminate the streets. The scream of sirens in the distance occasionally broke the silence.