SGA announcements

By Joshua Santos |

With midterms around the corner, the Student Government Association still has a considerable amount of money left in the budget. Clubs and organizations around campus are encouraged to apply for a grant to use for campus activities or general expenses.

SGA announcements

By Joshua Santos |

The Student Government Association meets every Tuesday at 9 PM in the Koger-Gamache Theater in the Ringhaver Student Center.

Club Considerations:

• The Chess Club, led by Junior Evan Gardiner, was unanimously approved after a short deliberation. The special interest club aims to teach beginners while providing a place for experienced players to enjoy a nice game of chess.

Superman doesn’t have to be invincible

By Gena Anderson |

It was only a few laps into the hobby feature. My brother was in the far right turn of the track and another car’s nose collided into him. The section our family sat in was entirely on their feet trying to see clearly through the dust of the red clay.

In later years the crowd would grow love him nearly as much as we did and would rise with us, but this was early in his racing career when we alone where his cheerleaders.

Everyone deserves birthday presents

By Gena Anderson |

This past May, I drove six hours to go home to visit my friend for his twenty second birthday. Or rather, visit his grave.

Troy died on Oct. 13, 2008 in a motorcycle accident. On our way to his funeral, me and my best friend got lost. On our way to visit his grave, the same thing happened.

Everyone knows where Troy is buried, but none of us know how to get there. I cried on the way there to his funeral because I was afraid we were going to miss it. I wanted to cry on my way to visit, this time, because I felt that same sense of defeat.

Facing depression in college

By Gena Anderson |

Depression. The word itself has this impenetrable weight to it. Depression is something that happens to you, but we don’t look at it that way do we?

Depressed. We see it as an adjective. Mary Lou doesn’t “have depression;” she “is depressed.” By seeing it that way we remove the right of the afflicted to be afflicted, at least– I always did.

Social networking: more than a place for friends

By Gena Anderson |

It was a late July night when the sound of my vibrating phone on my nightstand woke me from my sleep. The bright glow of the LCD screen burned my retinas as I squinted to read that I had a message from Facebook. Ren Anderson would like to be your friend on Facebook. I set the phone down ignoring this person I assumed was probably from high school and fell peacefully back into my slumber.

9/11 from under my desk

By Gena Anderson |

For two weeks after 9/11 I slept under my small wooden desk. I was 10 years old wrapped up in a Lion King sleeping bag, listening to a conservative news radio show on my blue boom box.

We all remember where we were when we found out, some more vividly than others. I was in my fifth grade gifted classroom. But the most vivid thing in my mind is sleeping on the floor with my radio.

To the incoming freshmen

By Gena Anderson |

No one will believe for a second that your bong is a vase, so don’t even try pulling that one.

Every year new freshman come in and have to deal with the adjustment from high school to college. The following is a list I’ve complied to hopefully make the transition easier as well as help you avoid some common mistakes:

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