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Photo by Robin Muller
Jack’s Mannequin frontman Andrew McMahon

An interview with Jack’s Mannequin frontman Andrew McMahon

By Nick Massie

On Oct. 4, the alternative rock band Jack’s Mannequin performed live at Plush nightclub in Jacksonville.

Jack’s Mannequin frontman Andrew McMahon has had a bumpy road since taking a hiatus from Something Corporate, another piano-rock band that he fronts. McMahon was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia right around the time of the release of Everything in Transit in August 2005.

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Musician gets by with help from friends

Photo by Charlotte Cudd Anastasia Spiecker plays weekly at Harry’s, shown here, and also at Scarlett O’Hara’s. Spiecker is planning on playing at a festival in Georgia on Oct. 14 with two of her friends. By Hannah Locke Originally from Rochester, N.Y., junior Anastasia Spiecker…

A Schizophrenic season for fashion

By Cari Holland Do you really have nothing to wear, or can you just not decide on anything? Fear not, fashion-minded Flagler student! This season in fashion allows for outfits that are oppositely attractive, leaving plenty of room to decipher by preference. This fall we…

‘Point’ in right direction

By Megan Dassuncao If this semester you have been searching all over St. Augustine for some good, inexpensive sushi, Fusion Point is where you need to be going. Fusion Point, located on San Marco Ave., provides an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. When you walk through…

‘CelebReality’ vs. Reality TV

Reality television crosses the line from entertainment to ridiculous

By Lisa Dalrymple
Illustration by Ashely Sadeghy

PHOTO CAPTION: CelebReality vs. Reality TV

“Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” “My Fair Brady,” “Project Runway” and “Flavor of Love?”
The reality of reality television is that it constitutes a major portion of television programming today. There are more than 200 reality television shows spanning several channels, including the major networks. The topics on which reality television shows can be based on are virtually endless.

Who’s Blowin’ Up?

As cell phones become more and more popular, ring tone sales skyrocket into multi-billion dollar industry

By Kelsey May

Type in the words “Cell phone ring tones” on Google’s Web site and you’ll get 24.5 million results (in .14 seconds).

Closed for business: a sign of the times

Photo by Charlotte Cudd The now abandoned Allison’s on Anastasia closed almost without warning With local business closures this summer, Flagler students find new fun By Nick Massie As Flagler gets back into full swing, many of the returning students are wondering what happened to…

Have you been ‘Accepted’?

By Cari Holland A high school to college plot cliché is revisited although comically refreshed.The seen-before teen movie syndrome is remedied only with literal jokes and clumsy humor in the summer’s teen-flick “Accepted.”

Artist sucessfully framed

Photo by Andrea Huls Tina Greene has four paintings on display at Gurell Galleries. The exhibit ends Oct. 7. Tina Greene’s artwork displayed at Gurell Gallery By Ashley Emert Tina Greene was on the other side of the country when she found out that her…