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Artist Profile: Kiara Sanchez

By Katherine Lewin and Courtney Cox | Flagler alumna Kiara Sanchez talks about her creative process, why she chose Flagler College and how one simple doodle raised thousands of dollars for St. Augustine after the devastation of Hurricane Matthew….

A fresh take on a fresh catch

By Colton Andre | For most chefs in the industry the work day starts in the kitchen; prepping for the day’s rush of hungry patrons takes preparation. For Joshua Smith, the executive chef at Catch 27,  many days start…

How to: Rincon, Puerto Rico

By Ethan McAlpin | Over spring break, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Rincon, Puerto Rico with 11 others for the entire week,  Sunday to Sunday.  The trip was more than just a typical college spring break on a beach. The…