Anthology 2011

Social Media Release: Disney Guests Become Stars

This press release was written for a class project and was selected as a finalist for the Gargoyle’s 2011 Anthology. It is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Walt Disney World. By Brittany Hall | Read the full release:Disney Guests Become Stars…

Boy plays Santa to Orlando Children’s Hospital

By Brittany Hall |

Dec. 20 is the day that 10-year-old Tyler Youtz has been looking forward to all year. While most fifth graders would consider a birthday or Christmas to be their favorite day of the year, Tyler would rather spend it at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, adorned with a Santa hat. As the yellow delivery truck slows to a stop outside of the hospital’s entrance, he steps out of the passenger door to greet dozens of doctors, nurses and volunteers that are ready to help him bring nearly 2,000 toys to young cancer patients.

Former Flagler student talks about Marine life in Afghanistan

By Cal Colgan |

Last year, Zack Thomas Paull traded in his textbooks for camouflage and joined the United States Marine Corps.

After Paull’s unit, the Second Battalion, Ninth Marine Regiment [2/9], finished its training in Parris Island, S.C., the military brass shipped the unit off to Afghanistan. Paull has spent the past 6 months in Marjah, an agricultural district in the Helmand Province.

My very own Civil War

By Caroline Young |

The whole saga started on a chilly winter day in Short Hills, New Jersey, a charming and somewhat-snooty town nestled between the hundreds of suburbs of Metropolitan New York. I was in seventh grade, a time that not many girls would probably ever want to relive- at least I sure as hell don’t.

The Vampire Weekend Flaming Lips Experience

By Phillip C. Sunkel IV Photos By Phillip C. Sunkel IV Walking out of Sea Park drive taking a left towards St. Augustine Amphitheater I began to contemplate nervously. This the type of anxiety I get before I am about to do something big, something I…

War creates violent behavior in our veterans

By Cal Colgan |

My cousin – let’s call him “Bill” – is a piece of garbage. It’s hard to be the “black sheep” in a family of eccentrics, but Bill accomplished that feat. After years of drug abuse and a caustic marriage with his high school sweetheart that ended in divorce, Bill left his ex-wife and children and signed up for the Army National Guard.

He thought going to Iraq would transform him into a decent human being, but he ended up in Fallujah in 2007, when it was largely held by the Iraqi insurgency.

Doc says fad diets may be more harmful than healthy

By Caroline Young |
Image by Victoria Van Arnam
Photos by Jonathan Hermes

Flagler senior Christina Arzapalo lost 40 pounds within three months of being on a fad diet. Only one thing went wrong – her hair was falling out.

“Everything was great at first,” Arzapalo said. “The basic diet is a lot of eggs, nuts and lean proteins like turkey…you can’t have any caffeine or juice or fruit for the first two weeks and that was the hardest.”