Articles by Kathryn Hennessy

Student Sailor: Loftus at home on the sea

By Kathryn Hennessy Not every Flagler College student lives in historic Ponce Hall, or for that matter, even on land. One Flagler student calls a sailboat home. Claire Loftus is a Flagler College Art student who started living on a sailboat in January of 2023….

The Heartbreakers

By Kathryn Hennessy To honor a lost family member, an Art professor is filling the Kenan Plaza ceramic hearts that will be for sale on Valentine’s Day to raise money for the American Heart Association.  Buy one for your Valentine and insert a secret note….

Honey Truck

By Kathryn Hennessy What began for Danielle Brooks as a backyard honey business expanded to another neighbor’s yard, beehives for friends, and eventually a little red Honey Truck that she uses to deliver flavors from your favorite neighborhoods. The Honey Truck has now expanded into…

Crafts Without Borders

By Kathryn Hennessy Handmade jewelry from around the world is not as far away as you may think. The local store, Crafts Without Borders, is a global fair trade business that receives it’s merchandise from indigenous cultures around the world. Located on 76B San Marco…