Georgia Amoore: Her impact on basketball as she continues to pave the way as an Australian native

Amoore breaks a triple team and shoots against opponents on Miami during the ACC tournament on Thursday, March 7. Photo provided by Virginia Tech Athletics.

By Gabby Alfveby

Georgia Amoore grew up watching Australian WNBA legend Lauren Jackson play basketball and aspired to make the same kind of impact on the sport as her role model.

Amoore grew up in Ballarat, Victoria, just over four hours away from Jackson’s hometown of Albury, but never dreamed she would follow in her footsteps.

“I grew up idolizing Lauren Jackson, so, to be potentially in a position that she was would be [an honor],” Amoore said. “She had her jersey retired, so obviously she’s literally the goat but she’s set standards and shown to everyone that it is completely possible, being from Australia and coming over and having an impact [on women’s basketball]. It definitely will be an honor if that [being drafted into the WNBA] were to happen.”

Amoore currently sits in the top five for assists in DI women’s college basketball averaging 6.9 assists per game. She even recently sat at second for assists right behind Caitlin Clark for assists per game.

Amoore is also averaging 19.2 points per game as her and her fellow teammate Elizabeth Kitley have led the Virginia Tech Hokies to a have a record of 24-7 where they sit 1st in the ACC. 

Virginia Tech during the 2024 Ally ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament in Greensboro, N.C. Saturday March 9. Photo by Jaylynn Nash/ACC.

Although Amoore is putting up these stats she still credits her teammates for her success.

 “I mean it’s just sharing the ball and helping my teammates and they got to score. So I’m thankful for them being so consistent when they put up shots. It’s not really something I go to sleep or wake up thinking about it’s just something that evolves naturally from just having such talented teammates,” Amoore said.

Amoore has dreams of one day being a part of the Australian national women’s basketball team for a chance to compete in the Olympics but has recognized that the opportunity is out of her control.

 “I’ve thought about it [playing for the Australian national team] a lot but it just depends on the coaches and stuff like that. It’s not really something that I just sign up for. I have to work hard and potentially hope to get chosen,” Amoore said.

Amoore drives to the basket against Hannah Hidalgo. Virginia Tech during the 2024 Ally ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament in Greensboro, N.C. Saturday, March 9. Photo by Allie Lawhon/ACC.

Amoore emphasized that it is easy to spot Australian players in DI basketball because of their slightly different playing style. She is thankful for being able to represent her home country in a positive way.

“It’s really cool. I think we bring a different type of flare and mentality and you can always spot an Aussie from any other team which is pretty cool. It’s an honor do all these great things and then at the same time people know that you’re Australian,” Amoore said. 

Amoore is a true competitor and it shows on the court.

“I just like being a competitor and facing new challenges every day. It for sure doesn’t get boring around here,” she said.

Amoore and Kitley celebrating a play during a recent game. Photo provided by Virginia Tech Athletics.

Amoore emphasized the importance and closeness of the bond between her and Kitley.

“We’re great friends and we’ve lived together for a while and I think we both benefit off of each other basketball wise because we’re competitors and want to be the best and have the best for the team,” Amoore said.

Amoore is thankful for all the effort and time that her parents gave her even when it meant sacrificing the little free time, they did have to transport her to basketball practices and games.

“My parents worked a lot. So, the only time I really hung out [with them] was when they would drive me to practices and stuff and I’m thankful for them because they didn’t really have that much extra free time. And if they did, they would spend it driving me places. So, I would say that every time I had a tournament or a practice it [her parents impact] was part of me being grateful for them driving me everywhere,” Amoore said.

As Amoore continues her senior season with the Hokies and hopes to go far in the March Madness tournament, she knows it’s important to keep a positive mindset before, after and during games and practices.

“[I] just try to stay as present as possible. [I’m] not really worried about what could happen or what has happened,” Amoore said.

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