Battling mental health during finals week

By Katie Hall

Whether it is because college students are overwhelmed, overworked or just feeling like they cannot get through the week of tests and major presentations, finals week can be the worst week of the semester.  

Many students find it hard to complete tasks leading up to finals week. Some students try to go out with their friends or take a walk on the beach to relieve their stress, but they still find themselves lost in what is going on in their courses. 

Téa Miller, a fine arts major and junior at Flagler College, said the stress of finals affects her life in and out of the classroom.

“I find it hard to get out of the house, cook for myself or find the motivation to do everyday tasks when finals roll around,” Miller said.  

Miller said she tries to focus most of her time on art projects because they make up a high percentage of her grade, and she feels most confident in her artwork. Getting some work done early will help relieve some of the end-of-semester stress.

“Each semester I have to start studying or finishing up art assignments two to three weeks before finals begin so I can feel a little bit of relief,” Miller said.  

A 2016 study from the Butler Collegian shows that 31% of students surveyed said that finals were their biggest source of stress. 

When it comes to mental health struggles during finals week, stress is the reason most students find themselves lost or alone.  

For some students, like sophomore and deaf education major Asher Phillips, the stress of finals can be where they find motivation. 

“Finals week is one of my favorite weeks of the year,” Phillips said. “I get to push myself through the struggles and it helps me to learn that I can do anything no matter what the challenge is.”  

With winter break approaching, it gives students more of an incentive to work harder.

“Personally, I like a large workload even when it’s finals week. It gives me something to work towards especially when Christmas break is directly after,” Phillips said. 

Many professors see a change in their students when it is almost time for finals. They note that students seem upset, overly happy or drained. 

Janell Berry, an ASL professor at Flagler College particularly notices this in her students.

“I see many of my students trying to find time to cram in all of their last-minute assignments while trying to complete each final on time before they travel home,” Berry said. 

Some professors recognize the stress their students go through during finals week, so they try to treat students to some fun to relieve the stress they can. 

“I try to relieve their stress by playing fun games like ASL Jeopardy, and HeadsUp to help them enjoy their time in class and not have to worry about things outside of the fun,” Berry said. 

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