Gett Itt Core brings unique approach to fitness

By John Decker

There are thousands of gyms in Jacksonville that offer experiences to become a healthier version of oneself.

Gett Itt Core Fitness, 3745 St. Johns Industrial Parkway, is the only obstacle-course-racing gym in JAX designed to train all-around athletes and everyday people.

The gym was founded six-and-a-half years ago by Joe Rivera, former Marine and a legend in the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) community.

Gett Itt Core Fitness is different from other gyms because the workouts are based on Marine Corps training.

“Gett Itt Core is circuit-based fitness, focusing on running and many everyday movements. For example, farmer’s carry is like bringing in 20 bags of groceries,” Rivera said.

The mission of the gym is to encourage people to always set a higher bar for themselves. Rivera’s favorite motto for his gym is C.O.R.E.—Challenge Ordinary, Reward Excellence.

The gym offers a variety of classes, such as Cardio Saturday, OCR Sunday and Bruce Camp, play on of boot camp that Coach Bruce Jackson describes as even worse.

The coaches at Gett Itt Core Fitness work to create a positive environment to push members to their max.

Andy Santanna-Lee, coach at Gett Itt Core Fitness, loves working with members and seeing how they improved.

“You are coming out with different levels of self-improvement,” Santanna-Lee said.

The coaches all have different styles of coaching a class and each one is different.

Coaches love to be original and to always give something new to the members. Santanna-Lee said he never uses a workout more than twice.

“Every day at Gett Itt is special. We do different workouts every day, and I want members to be challenged every time,” Santanna-Lee said.

When it comes to affordability, Gett Itt Core Fitness is cheaper than other places.

The gym offers many deals, such as 24/7 Open Gym and multiple class packages, according to the Gett Itt Core website.

“We keep it as simple as possible, and that way the customer is more focused on the gym rather than multiple fees,” Rivera said.

Noel Medina, OCR athlete, has been a member at Gett Itt Core for two years. He enjoys his experience because he has seen a change in his fitness when competing in races.

“I have been able to compete and standout amongst world-class athletes,” Medina said.

Many new people have come to Gett Itt Core Fitness, making the gym grow fast in popularity.

Karina Miranda, St. Johns County resident, used to workout at Orangetheory Fitness. She joined Gett Itt Core about four months ago, and she has recommended the gym to many of her friends and family.

Miranda said she has seen improvements in her fitness when it comes to running and grip strength.

Miranda and her friends all have become members who attend classes frequently, creating a sort of community at the gym.

“There is such good energy. At the end, you feel so good afterwards, you are smiling with everyone when you are done,” Miranda said.

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