PREVIEW: Fantasia Festival 2020 To Showcase the Future of Cinema in More Ways Than One

By Erin Brady

Saying that the novel Coronavirus has changed the entertainment industry would be an understatement. With a number of different films either being postponed or sent directly to home video or streaming services, chances are that some people have never even been to the movie theater in 2020. 

Considering that movie theaters across the nation were shuttered shortly after the Coronavirus pandemic, the fact that many film festivals were sent online should come as no surprise. One of these relocated film festivals is Montreal’s Fantasia Festival, labeled as “North America’s Largest Genre Film Festival.” For the first time ever, all of its events will be held virtually, including film screenings and panels.

Like many film festivals, a select number of premieres will run in competition at Fantasia. These films run under the Cheval Noir banner. Films competing in the Cheval Noir come from all over the world, from Canada (the sci-fi horror Come True) to Taiwan (the romantic comedy I WeirDo). 

A wide variety of different films will also be premiering outside of competition, many of which can be watched through Fantasia’s on-demand service. What this means is that you can purchase a one-time virtual ticket for a movie of your choice and you will be able to watch it anywhere, anytime throughout the duration of Fantasia’s run. There is a movie for anyone and everyone available on Fantasia’s on-demand services. You can find a full list of the movies being screened at Fantasia, both live and on-demand, on their website.

Another crucial element to Fantasia Festival that has now become virtual is its esteemed panels. The festival is known for its panels that feature the best of the best in genre filmmaking, and this year is no different. Other panels include a conversation on book-to-film adaptations with director Mike Flanagan and a talk on the political commentary within horror and action.

If you’re interested in participating in Fantasia’s first-ever virtual edition, purchasing tickets to see the movies you are interested in is six dollars in U.S. currency. Please note that tickets will be limited between screenings. Another thing to remember while purchasing tickets is that you will need a VPN to access the films and panels, as Fantasia is geo-locked to Canada. Thankfully, you will be able to find a great VPN very easily and for either a low upfront price or a free trial. More information on ticket purchasing can be found on their website.

Just because many movie theaters will not be showing new blockbusters until further notice, does not mean that you can’t find new movies to watch. Fantasia International Film Festival is proof of this, and The Flagler Gargoyle is excited to bring you reviews on some of the exciting movies premiering at the festival.

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