Jacksonville yoga class adds goats into the mix

A goat assists with a yoga class at Little Peeps Farmer for a Day. Photo courtesy: Shannon Peters

By Abigail Haynes | gargoyle@flagler.edu

A yoga class typically requires yoga mats, work-out clothes and an instructor. One local farm is kicking things up a notch by bringing goats to the mat.

Little Peeps Farmer for a Day, located near the Beach Boulevard and St. Johns Bluff intersection, provides goat yoga classes to the public.

Last spring, Shannon Peters received a request from her friend to host a yoga session with her goats.

“I said OK, but thought it was silly because I didn’t know how it would work,” Peters said. “But they were joyous and enjoyed it. I don’t think people connect with animals often except dogs and cats and it was a really eye-opening experience for them.”

After hosting this class and sharing photos from the experience on her social media page, Peters received messages asking when their next goat yoga class would be held. At the time, Peters was not hosting official classes, but the demand for goat yoga kickstarted the program.

During the sessions, baby Nigerian Dwarf goats play with yoga participants. The goats are affectionate and will rub on people, an act the farm calls “goat hugs.”

The goat yoga classes fill up quickly at the farm, so those interested need to act fast.

“We have classes into April that are all booked and I keep trying to come up with more classes to fill the demand,” Peters said.

The experience costs $30 per participant. Those who carpool will receive a discounted price of $20 per participant.

Participants are encouraged to bring a beach towel, water bottle and sunscreen.

For those interested in feeding the goats, the farm recommends bringing non-cooked vegetable scraps.

Those interested in participating will need to pre-register and pre-pay through the farm’s Facebook page, “Little Peeps Farmer for a Day.”

“It’s kind of hard to explain to people. There’s something really special about any kind of animal – it’s this unspoken connection,” Peters said. “I don’t think adults take time out of their life to sit and connect with an animal like that.”

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