Styled by Liz: Women’s soccer stand out steps up fashion game

MC Bell found this simple, stylish look to wear to class.

By Liz Browning |

Sometimes, shopping for clothes can be overwhelming. It seems like finding a perfect outfit that not only fits properly, but is also the right price is nearly impossible. Well, as someone who has an eye for style and could seemingly make a career out of going to the mall, I decided to reach out to those who  of shopping by helping them pick out the perfect outfit that looks good and more importantly, makes them feel good.

I sent out a call to action on our class Facebook page, and soon found my first client.

My shopper: Meet MC Bell

MC is a star athlete on the Flagler College women’s soccer team. She’s looking to spruce up her wardrobe of predominantly athletic-wear and sneakers to chic dresses and sandals to wear off the field.

The pre-shopping consultation

Before we went shopping, MC and I discussed a few things: her overall style aesthetic, the type of clothes she was looking for and her budget. We determined she’s looking for a casual outfit she can wear to class, but she’s not willing to spend more than $50.

With this information, I had a pretty good idea of our mission. Knowing that she’s on a budget, I decided to take her to none other than Target. Within the last few years, Target has seriously stepped up its game when it comes to style. They’ve brought in designers and brands who create clothing that is stylish, trendy and affordable.

Hunting for stylish bargains

We began by surfing the sale racks. I chose a few shirts with an earth-tone pallet – greens, blues, and neutrals – which I knew would highlight her eyes and complement her fair complexion.

After trying on a variety of different clothes, we found a few winners, like these chic white skinny jeans (pictured on the right) for just under $9. She also tried on a collared green top with them and for a price of $12, the outfit was sold.

Next, we started looking at dresses. I wanted to find her something that would show off her legs and accentuate her petite figure.  I saw this fab red dress on the rack and knew that she had to try it on immediately. It was the perfect length and although it was red, I thought a bold color like this would complement her blond hair and ultimately, be a fashionable look.

At first, MC was a little hesitant about it because it was unlike anything else in her wardrobe. I assured her that sometimes the best part about buying clothes is stepping out of your comfort zone. Once she tried it on, she didn’t want to take it off. It fit her perfectly and it had pockets, which all girls know is the best feature of any dress they own.

All together with my help, MC got two fabulous outfits for less than $50. She’s kicking it in style, on and off the soccer field.

If you could use some help when it comes to finding the perfect outfit or know someone who could benefit from a shopping help, you can contact me at


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