Flagler College Theater to put on classic show ‘Medea’

By Jared Talbot | gargoyle@flagler.edu

In late March, the Flagler College theatre department will be putting on the classic Greek play known as ‘Medea.’ The ancient Greek tragedy was written by Euripides and is based on the myth of Jason and Medea and was first produced in 431 B.C.

The play will be directed by Andrea McCook and is a performance she has always wanted to be a part of.

“This is a play I have always wanted to direct but never got a chance to do it until now,” McCook said. “It is a great acting show and I think it is an excellent challenge because it shows that everybody is flawed. There isn’t a good guy or a bad guy in the show and it shows that we’re all human, which I think is what Euripides was trying to show.”

McCook is the chair of the theatre fepartment at Flagler College and has been at the college since 1991.

“I love teaching at Flagler because of the intimate relationships we make with the students and I get to know the students really well,” she said. “I get to watch them as they go from freshmen to these wonderful, developed, young adults and I feel like I have a big part in that.”

McCook said she loves what she does at the college, even after being there for 27 years. Her passion for teaching is driven by her love for theater.

“I love theater because it tells the story of humanity,” she said. “What it means to be a human being with all of its flaws and sorrows. I am fascinated by why people do what they do as I try to understand the world from the character’s perspective.”

“Medea” opens on Wednesday, March 21 and runs through Sunday March 25 at the Lewis Auditorium.

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