Midnight Breakfast back at Flagler with ‘Stranger Things’ theme

By Jesse Sherman | gargoyle@flagler.edu

With Halloween less than a week away, Flagler College students can enjoy themselves at a nocturnal tradition with costumes, dancing and free food.

Flagler is hosting its annual Midnight Breakfast tradition to help students de-stress after midterms on Thursday from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Justine Dexter is a second year student at Flagler College who attended Midnight Breakfast last year.

“It was a like a huge Halloween dance that was a lot of fun,” Dexter said. “They had a photo booth with a green screen last year that let you pick the background. It was really cool.”

This tradition has been going on for years. It started long before Krissy Lombardo, newly appointed director of Student Activities, joined the Flagler staff five years ago.

“Midnight Breakfast is probably one of the longest Flagler traditions,” Lombardo said. “It’s like a Halloween costume party. [Midnight Breakfast] gives students something to do on campus instead of going out.”

The event takes place on the last Thursday of October every year in the Dining Hall, which is decked out in a Halloween theme. This year’s theme will transform the normal Dining Hall to the set of “Stranger Things” in honor of the second season releasing the day after the event.

“The Dining Hall will be completely dark with only lights going on in the side alcoves. The middle is dark. There will be flashing lights and strobe lights,” Lombardo said. “There will be Christmas lights there for this year, and a D.J. and music for that party experience.”

The breakfast will include a waffle bar that will have a lot of fruit topping, chocolate chips and whipped cream. There will also be a buffet of normal breakfast food such as eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes. There will be options for those with dietary needs.

The event was planned by the Campus Activity Board or CAB and Lombardo. Since the event is a CAB event, the members do a majority of the planning and the work leading up to the event.

“Planning stages for these type of events starts pretty early. We start basic. Basic ideas start in the summer or even right after that year’s event,” she said.

CAB is involved with other events that go on around campus such as the Harry Potter Week in November and the Flagler Fest in April.

To those students on the fence about going to Midnight Breakfast, Lombardo has this advice.

“[Midnight Breakfast] is that long standing tradition that has been happening for as long as anyone can remember. It’s a memory-making experience that kind of speaks for itself.”

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