Top 10 ways to eat better in the dorms

By Brianna Kurzynowski

Living in the dorms has its perks and disadvantages. One disadvantage, the students living on campus would mostly agree on, would be having to eat the food in dining hall. Flagler College’s student handbook states, all incoming resident students are required to purchase the full meal plan for the entire first academic year in the residence halls. It also states, all returning students must be on one of the meal plan options. Because students may not want to eat in dining hall every meal, due to their own personal opinions on the food, I have compiled a list of ten ways to help students eat better in the dorms.

hot plate pic

  1. Buy a hot plate or griddle. Remember to buy at least one pot and one pan to use for the hot plate. Make sure to buy appliances that do not have visible heating elements because, as the student handbook states, they are not permitted in the residence halls because of fire and safety regulations
  2. Save your bistro bucks. It can be hard to do but try not to blow through the money on your Bistro Bucks in case of emergencies, such as when you absolutely cannot eat in D-Hall and you have no food in your dorm.
  3. Look up recipes on Pinterest or other social media platforms. Follow Buzzfeed on at least one social media platform. They share a lot of easy recipes you can try.pinterestpic
  4. You can actually boil water and make pasta in the microwave. Use a microwave safe bowl, fill three-fourths of the way full, microwave the water for 10 minutes, add the pasta, a pinch of a salt and put back in for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally..
  5. Buy a crockpot. Research these recipes on Pinterest too. As soon as you type crockpot recipes, hundreds of websites and recipes will pop up, try one.
  6. Try to budget more for groceries instead of going out to eat. This could be tempting because you’ve been craving pizza for three days but try to cut down on ordering food or going out to eat. Your wallet will thank you.
  7. Before you go grocery shopping make a list, check your fridge and food bin to see what you actually need. And when you go to the grocery store, abide by the list. (But remember to treat yourself sometimes.)
  8. You can make ANYTHING in a mug. You want cookies, brownies, French toast, eggs, cinnamon rolls, mac and cheese and so much more. Anything you want, just put it in your favorite coffee mug (make sure it’s clean) and pop it in the microwave.mugchip
  9. Try not to waste food. Freeze half if you know you will not eat it before it goes bad. That is a waste of food and money.
  10. If all else fails, there is bound to be something in D-Hall that you CAN eat. Even if you don’t want to you can customize foods that are served in your own way to enjoy them the way you like it.

Hopefully these options help you in your dorm food endeavors.


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