Coloring is in Fashion

13220853_10206216508784106_8186186550903533317_nLike most little girls, coloring in coloring books was my favorite thing to do! On my fifth birthday, I received a Disney Princess coloring book, it was the greatest gift anyone had ever given me at the time. I colored each page as neatly as possible and showed off my beautiful work to everyone. I felt that I was contributing to the blank world by adding bright colors to the fantasy in my coloring book. It was a form of entertainment, which luckily for my mother, kept me out of her hair for hours.

As I got older and technology evolved, my coloring books became obsolete, until this past  spring break, when we took a road trip to Tallahassee. On  the way there, my mother was coloring in her adult coloring book, the latest rage among  adults all ages. I watched her color as I flashbacked to when I would lay on my bedroom floor and color, for days, in that princess coloring book.

The memory faded, but I all I could think of was coloring in a coloring book again. I then checked Instagram, and saw a fashion blogger post a picture of her fashion-themed, adult coloring book and immediately, I searched for it on Amazon. I knew that there was not a better way to combine two things that I have always loved, fashion and coloring.

I have learned that coloring books are not just for children anymore. They  are a must have item as it has proved to reduce stress and enhance creativity. When I am coloring in my fashion coloring book, I feel like I’m a little girl again, whose biggest decision in life was, to color with crayons or markers.




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