A Tall Girl’s Guide to Finding Long Stylish Clothing

By Liz Browning | gargoyle@flagler.edu 

As the daughter of two very tall parents, I’m always the one standing in the back row of pictures and constantly getting asked if I play basketball.

I am 6’1 and since Iv’e been here at Flagler, I have seen a plethora of  girls around campus who are just as tall, and a few who are even taller. My favorite question that people often ask me is, “How do you find pants to wear that are long enough?” Most individuals of normal height may not realize the harsh reality that tall girls face when buying clothes. Through this article, I hope to  reach out to my fellow tall girls out there who get frustrated when they are forced to leave the mall empty handed because everything they try on is too short.  I hope that  these shopping tips are helpful:


I know the drill; you go into a store, hold up a pair of jeans or pants to your waist, look down, and they don’t even reach your ankles. To avoid this situation in the future:

Tip #1:  know your Waist Size and your Inseam in Inches

Many  brands express their sizes by waist and inseam. Depending on the brand, it may say the length of the inseam on the pants. Knowing your inseam will save you plenty of time and frustration.

Tip#2: Go for a Skinny Jean

I have discovered that skinny jeans tend to be longer. They also elongate your legs, which accentuates your height.

Tip #3: Stores that Carry “Long Jeans”

Here is a list of stores that I successfully purchase my jeans from:

Surprisingly, Taylor Swift is 5'11! She embraces her height by looking "On Point" as she dresses modest yet chic

Surprisingly, Taylor Swift is 5’11! She embraces her height by looking “On Point,” as she dresses modest yet chic

JC Penny

Charlotte Ruse

Ralph Lauren

American Eagle

Banana Republic


I don’t think there has ever been a time when I bought the first dress I tried on in a store. Most are either too short lengthwise or just fit awkwardly. If you’re over about  5′ 10, I know you have experienced this at some point. Here are a few ways to possibly avoid this issue:

Tip #1: The Maxi Dress is an Essential Piece to a Tall Girl’s Wardrobe 

A Maxi dress is perfect for us tall girls because it is guaranteed that it will be long enough! The way it effortlessly flows accentuates your waist. It is usually a summer piece, but in Florida, it’s a staple year-round!

Tip #2: Try Going up One Size 

When trying on a dress that is too short for me, I often try the next size up because there is extra material, which therefore, compensates for its length. If it looks too big, add a belt to gather  it in at the waist or, if you’re able to sew, like myself, take it in.

Tip #3 Don’t get Discouraged

I remember shopping for prom a dress and all of the dresses that I tried on  were too short. I got so frustrated that I actually began to cry; I almost didn’t go because I couldn’t find one dress that fit.  After about a month of shopping each weekend, I finally found a dress that fit perfectly and it was gorgeous. More importantly, I could even wear heals with it! So there are dresses out there that will fit, you just have to be patient.


When I walk into a shoe store, I head straight for the size “10 and up” rack, and most of the time, none of them are cute! If this sounds familiar, here is a list of stores to purchase stylish, affordable shoes that actually fit your giant feet:

Stores that sell cute shoes above size 10:


Sells an entire rack for women’s size 13!


Some stores carry size 12, but if you can’t find them in-store, the online shop has you covered.


Sells up to size 11.

Nine West 

Sells up to size 11.


In the stores they sell shoes up to size 12, but online they go up to size 14!

Stores that Sell Clothes Specifically for  Tall Women

Believe it or not, some stores have entire separate clothing lines made for tall girls!

The Limited 

A similar style to the clothing store, Express. There is a store in Jacksonville, but unfortunately, the tall girls line can only be found online.

New York and Company 

Sells classy yet fashionable clothing. There is one in the St Augustine Outlets as well as the Avenues Mall. However, the tall girls line can only be found online.

Long Tall Sally 

An online store in  which all of their  clothing is made for women  5’10 and above.

As you can see, the world is accommodating to tall people, we just have high standards!










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