Pedicab Expands With More Bicycles, Weddings and Events

By Matthew Goodman |

Known for its service as an inexpensive, eco-friendly taxi, Pedicab of St. Augustine has huge plans for expansion in 2015.

Ashley Mentor, a Flagler College alum, started Pedicab in 2010 during her junior year of college. She has since bought out the competition, expanded her fleet and now holds the status as the premiere bicycle-taxi service in St. Augustine.

In the past year, Mentor says Pedicab has expanded it’s offerings outside of just taxi services.

“Weddings are the main chunk of our special events side,” Mentor says. “We have a killer grand exit package the includes a fully decorated cab that picks up the newlyweds and takes them on a quiet scenic tour of the city before ending at their final location”

The pedicabs also drive the wedding parties around for photo opportunities in the scenic city.

Pedicab’s new website is also nearing completion. The site will allow customers to book rides and tours, and will help people plan trips and activities in St. Augustine from the convenience of their computers and mobile devices.

Mentor plans to reveal several big plans and additions to their services for 2015 on the website upon its completion.

“One of (the additions) is a traveling fleet for the summer season and we’re also unveiling a huge promotion with our tours. We’ve partnered up with one of the biggest companies in town.”

With additional staff, equipment and technology, Mentor is excited about the future of her company.

“I really like that we can preplan and put a little more time into those two categories. It really helps us make the guest experience that much better.”

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