Local restaurants participate in Tour de Farm

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By Caroline Cover | gargoyle@flagler.edu

On Sunday, April 13th, organic enthusiasts of Northeast Florida and St. Augustine, Fla. will take part in the Tour de Farm 2014.

This is an event for those who want to learn more about local food production – where produce comes from and the very people who are behind the scenes producing it.

However, the Tour de Farm is no ordinary tour event.

In order to take this tour, which involves visiting actual farms all across Northeast Florida, you’re going to have to gather up some friends or family, grab a GPS and pack up your car, because the suggested tour routes for visiting participating farms and gardens ranges from 40-90 miles long.

The closest participating farm to St. Augustine is Maggie’s Herb Farm, which is only a 20-minute drive from downtown. The next closest farm is Berry Good Farms at North Florida School of Special Education, which is 40 minutes away.

Local eateries such as The Floridian, The Purple Olive, and Gas Full Service Restaurant are participating  Tour de Farm 2014 as well.

Jeff McNally, co-owner of The Floridian, says that the main goal of this event is “education”. He says the over-all goal is to get people to choose a more local option when deciding where to eat. They have been participating in the Tour de Farm event for 3 years now. “It’s been our focus to utilize on local food,” McNally said. “I think any event that gets people more interested and supportive of agriculture, and of food in general, is important.”

Also, a bit closer to home, Chef Daryl Perritt, from Smokin D’s BBQ on St Route 206, will be serving up his specialty smoked pork or chicken BBQ on the 13th.

Chef partner, Art Jeanette, from Checkers BBQ & Seafood, will also be participating on the 13th, and is located near San Marco shopping district, only minutes from downtown.

Before the tour starts at noon, St. Augustine residents can also participate in 95 Cordova’s Farm-To-Table Sunday Brunch from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To find out more about Tour de Farm, click on the official brochure here.

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