10 Things To Master Before Graduation


10. The Art of Organization. 

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Learn to organize your chaos, because “the dog ate my homework” is no longer a viable excuse.
A clean workspace = a clear head.

9. Your Finances. 

money management 1
Do I really need that Frappe?
Make yourself a weekly budget and stick to it. Put the rest of the money away and start saving!
Remember those student loans? Yea, we don’t want to either…but that won’t make them go away.

8. Networking. 


Learn to network yourself and put yourself out there. You never know, that random person you met at Pizzalleys might just have the hookup for your dream job. If you struggle with networking, check your email frequently; there are usually workshops or career fairs available to help prepare you for life after college. LinkedIn is especially useful. 

7. Compromise.


 Learn to consider other people’s opinions while implementing your own personal ideas. Working together as an effective team will benefit you in the long run. Aint’ nobody got time for drama.

6. Time Management.

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Oh look, it’s time to manage.
Try to prioritize your tasks according to deadlines and importance. Utilize the heck out of planners, cell phone calendars and reminders. Not getting enough sleep? Try not to schedule an 8am class ever again.

5. Being a friend. 

friendsPut em’ in.

Making friends at college is something that just naturally happens. These are some of the best years of your life. Find people to enjoy them with. 

4. Communication. 

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Learn how to communicate effectively with the people around you; even if you aren’t their biggest fan. No matter what job you plan on doing after college, you are going to be working with others.  Also, don’t forget to keep in contact with those that made you who you are: your parents/guardians.

3. Cleanliness. 

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Papers. Papers everywhere.

Your room won’t clean itself.  Contrary to popular belief, the dishes won’t wash themselves if you stare at them long enough. Be hygienic and keep it clean.

2. Adaptation.

iamANGRY“But…my opinion!”

People rarely see eye to eye 100 percent of the time. Learn to consider other people’s options while implementing your own personal ideas. Treat each other as equals. Working together as an effective team will benefit you in the long run. Drama… Ain’t nobody got time for that.

1. Making “you time”. 

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 2.18.08 PMRelax.

In the chaos that is life, we don’t think we deserve to have time for ourselves. We all know how hard it is to choose between Netflix and that English paper. Make time for both, you deserve it.


Graphic and Edits – Heather Seidel
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