Flagler’s SGA presidential candidates get their messages out

By Justin Katz | gargoyle@flagler.edu

The year is quickly coming to a close and with that comes the usual list of decisions Flagler students must make: what classes to take next semester, what to do over the summer and who will make up next year’s Student Government Association executive board.

While all positions of the executive board require a rigorous application process and a deep commitment, the run for president always takes center stage. All of the candidates have handed in their applications and letters of recommendation and this year, the ballot consists of three students.

The Gargoyle asked each of the candidates the same question: What message do you want to send to the student body?

The first candidate, junior and current SGA president John Monroe stated, “I want the whole student body to know that I am adaptable. No one has all the answers, but a real leader can adapt to the changing times and condition of which they and the organization find themselves in.”

He continued by explaining a few of his ideas that he wants to incorporate if re-elected. “What I am hoping to do next year, if I have the opportunity, is to reorganize SGA so that the meetings are not late, that the students see more of what SGA does and to continue to push for greater student involvement.”

The next candidate is junior David Arreola. When asked about his message to students he said, “The primary message of my campaign is that students deserve an SGA that works harder, communicates effectively and seeks one thing: to serve all student interests.”

Arreola continued by explaining why he will appeal to an entire range of students from freshmen to rising seniors.

“I’m running based on principles that I think everyone can appreciate, like hard work, dedication and creativity.” He concluded by saying students are interested in leadership and ideas, and that is the focus of his campaign.

Sophomore Mellissa Foden, the final candidate, stated, “I want to become president not only to listen to students, but to be a friend to every student. I want to be that person you come talk to when you have four papers and two exams due and life is stressing you out. Then coming back when you have a problem or an idea that you know the Student Government Association can handle and find a solution to.”

Foden continued by saying that she wants to help all students enjoy their college experience. She also wants SGA to become a fun environment as well as become a reliable source of knowledge for students.

Voting will take place on March 28 with all candidates for executive board positions presenting speeches the night before.

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