Cafe Eleven welcomes back Peter Mulvey

By Chelsea Walsh |

Peter Mulvey brings a blend of urbanized, Irish influenced folk music to audiences around the United States and United Kingdom. Mulvey returned to Cafe Eleven for another live performance of classic covers and his popular singles.

His love for music began at age seven when he became intrigued by guitar playing. Mulvey uses his unique voice and impeccable guitar technique to express his artistry. “Lyrics stand out and sound better when they’re spoken in front of music,” said Mulvey.

Originally from Milwaukee, Mulvey yearned to travel and learn more about his Irish heritage. The time he spent in Dublin, Ireland and Boston, helped create a folkish fusion of storytelling, acoustic rifts and simplistic lyricism.

In the past 20 years, Mulvey has worked with countless musicians, continually creating new material and broadening his appreciation for music. This year’s U.S. tour travels along the east coast, stopping at a collection of cafes and music venues until mid March. Touring continues shortly after with Birds of Chicago for their European and UK tour until August.

The latest collaboration led to Mulvey’s fifteenth record “The Good Stuff”, performed with his studio band, the Crumbling Beauties. “We went in completely unrehearsed, we wanted to collaborate and capture that conversational moment. These are all songs we know in and out and American musicians we’ve loved for so long, rehearsal wasn’t necessary,” said Mulvey. “The Good Stuff” combines classic American tunes of jazz pianist, composer and band leader Duke Ellington, country icon Willie Nelson, and American singer, songwriter, actor Tom Waits.

Musicians and fans alike, appreciate live performances versus studio, but Mulvey is truly motivated by the moment in which fans and musicians align. In short, its the shared path of energy between the song, singer and the audience. Mulvey described it as a triangulation. “I’m mostly inspired by moments when the triangulation happens between all the people there, it creates this kind of mythic environment,” said Mulvey. The shared experience with an audience during any live performance motivates musicians, but Mulvey really focuses on fostering a relationship with his fans.

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