Enough with the ‘War on Women’

By Hannah Bleau | gargoyle@flagler.edu

I’m a young conservative woman. I know I’m in the minority. But it breaks my heart when I hear the “War on Women” rhetoric because none of it is remotely true. I care deeply about my own gender, and it rubs me the wrong way when I hear women on the other side call conservative women idiots.

This “War on Women” rhetoric is a mystery to me. The term is used to describe what some see as Republicans trying to limit women’s rights and health care. It has been thrown around a lot, especially as the election draws closer. But what exactly is this war on women, and why is it such a big deal? Why do conservative women get ridiculed for not believing it?

Well, I only have one thing to say: I’m a woman, and I’m not buying it.

The craze seems to always start with this scenario: A woman wants to have an abortion. The man steps in and offers an alternative, even suggests it’s not a good idea. Wait, how can a man tell us what to do with our bodies? Because, as we all know, men can’t tell us what to do! Those crusty jerks don’t care about women’s rights. At least, that’s what we’re being told.

I seriously doubt that there is a sect of women in America who are against women’s rights or equality, but there is a prevalent stereotype. If you’re a Democrat, you’re pro-women. If you’re a Republican, you’re anti-women.

I’m not the most politically correct woman on the planet, admittedly. I call things the way I see them, and sometimes, that’s seen as intolerant. But you know what I think is intolerable? The War on Women divide and conquer strategy.

I know the contraception and abortion are “worn out” issues, but I feel like they have a legitimate place in my thought process. My opposition to abortion and government-paid contraception often gets labeled as intolerant. Anyone who opposes abortion must hate women, and feminists expect you to believe that. Because conservatives like myself don’t believe in forcing institutions to provide contraception against their will, they’re labeled as “anti-women.”

But the War on Women is a political movement designed to rally women support for one side on relatively small issues. I’m concerned about a lot of things, but the concerns demonstrated by this movement aren’t any of them.

I’m worried about the state of the economy. I’m worried about finding a good job. I’m worried about an over-bearing government running rampant over the boundaries of the constitution. I’m worried about global conflicts.

Women are concerned about real life issues. The War on Women is a façade. It expresses women as a bunch of drones who only care about contraception, abortions and handouts from a “sugar daddy” government. Women are not that petty. I am not that petty. As a woman, I don’t want a handout. I don’t expect everyone to bow to me and give me special treatment because I’m a “victim by nature.” No one owes me anything.

Ladies, don’t you see? The War on Women argument is actually the complete opposite of what the left is trying to make it out to be. It’s painting women as helpless, dependent on society and just plain stupid. Women want equal rights, but we have already achieved it! The argument discounts personal responsibility. Women are capable of being personally responsible.

Women shouldn’t blame society on their failures. Women shouldn’t call their unwanted pregnancy a burden. Why are feminists implying that women are incapable of taking responsibility for themselves? I find that offensive to my gender. But the left seems to want everyone to believe conservatives, like myself, are keeping women that way. They’re politicizing women’s problems. They’re convincing women they are victims.

To my fellow women, please do me a favor. Do our gender a favor. Don’t just go along with the “War on Women” rhetoric because it sounds good. Research. Think for yourself. Don’t let people teach you what to think, learn how to think. I’m just sick of women in America acting like victims. You’re not victims. Stop complaining about your rights and take responsibility for your actions. I’m tired of getting my “women’s rights” opinions discounted because I’m a Conservative.

After all, I’m a woman, and I have an opinion too, even if it’s unpopular. Why oppress someone on the same team? Being skeptical and thinking for yourself doesn’t make you anti-women. After all, what demonstrates female empowerment more than independent thinking?

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