Live blog: Vice President Joe Biden speaking in St. Augustine

By Gargoyle Staff|

Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak at 1:15 P.M.

The Kettelinis Gymnasium is filling with Obama-Biden 2012 supporters who break out in chants and cheers of, “Four more years.”

Field Organizer Caleb Campbell took the stage to encourage supporters to volunteer and to sign up to vote at the event.

Executive Director on the Council on Aging Cathy Brown takes the stage to introduce the vice president. “They are protecting our Medicare and our social security,” she said.

“President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden come from a middle class family, just like I did,” Brown said. “They fought for us. Now it’s time for us to fight for them.”

1:31 P.M. Vice President Joe Biden took the stage

“On the Romney Ryan budget, ‘That’s him saying I didn’t outsource your job. I just off-shored it,'” he said.

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