Flagler students give feedback on Chick-Fil-A

By Justin Katz | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Chick-Fil-A was added to Flagler College’s Ringhaver Student Center this past summer while the fast food company was taking heat for its founder’s political remarks. To make room, Aramark, the college’s food service provider, removed Grille Works (American fast food) and Zoca (Mexican fast food) stations from the popular campus dining spot, Buggs’ Bistro.

Now that Chick-Fil-A’s controversy has died down, Flagler students have weighed in on how they feel about the swap out. Even though the change was originally called for through a student vote, there are still students who are not sold on brand name alone.

When upperclassmen weighed in, they were not so disgruntled about Chick-Fil-A’s politics, but more so in the lack of variety.

“I do like the food, but on the other hand I do miss the old Buggs’ Bistro because it offered more options,” said Kalel Leonard, junior. “If you wanted a burger, you could get a burger. If you wanted chicken, you could get chicken, but it wasn’t just limited to chicken.”

When asked about his opinion on Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sunday, he said it didn’t bother him that they were closing due to their beliefs, but it leaves him in the dust looking for food. He continued by explaining when they are closed, it forces him to go elsewhere and as a result spend more money than he originally desired.

Junior Cami McCall agreed with Leonard about the lack of variety, and said there are even fewer options in the Bistro for vegetarians.

But other students are excited about the recent changes. Carson Sailor, a sophomore, had nothing but positive words for Chick-Fil-A. “I’m extremely happy [about the change.] They are a quality establishment that will provide a morale boost for students.”

He continued to say that being closed on Sundays doesn’t bother him, and explained that even though Grille Works and Zoca were open, they both closed much earlier than usual on Sundays. After being burnt out on Grille Works from last year, he welcomed the new addition.

Older students remember the pros and cons of Grille Works and Zoca, but many in Flagler’s latest freshman class have a positive attitude about the new Buggs’ Bistro. Mary Beth Lanigan, a freshman, said she enjoys eating at Chick-Fil-A as a change of pace from the dining hall. On top of that, she said that being closed on Sunday doesn’t bother her because “there are other options on campus.”

“I love having Chick-Fil-A on campus since they have amazing food, it’s cheap and delicious,” said Haley Wigley, freshman.

She elaborated about the “Sunday Dilemma” by saying “there are other places to eat around here so it’s not that big of a deal.”

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