Flagler College student brings surrealism clothing to St. Augustine

By Travis Lowndes | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler College student Ryan Kunsch wearing his clothing line “Sarbez!”

Zebras spelled backwards is sarbez. It’s also the name of the abstract surrealism inspired clothing company, founded by , Flagler College fine art student Ryan Kunsch.

Sarbez! took root in early 2007 as an experimental project which allowed Kunsch to express his artwork and reach a larger audience by using clothing as his canvas.

“The company began as something I did just for fun, I would make shirts for my friends and family. I guess people liked the designs I was doing because I actually started to gain a bit of a demand for the clothes, that’s when I realized maybe I should sell the shirts so I’m not losing money,” Kunsch said.

Kunsch started selling shirts locally to groups of friends at school and began featuring his clothing designs at craft shows around North Florida. Although the company was founded in Long Island, NY, its current home-base is now St. Augustine, Fla., where Kunsch is studying art at Flagler College. The Closet, a local consignment boutique in town, has recently began carrying Sarbez! clothing.

“It feels good to have my art being displayed in an established store. It’s been a long ride but things are starting to finally come together,” Kunsch said. “I’d like to one day be able to work from my house, make T-shirts, and travel around the world.”

Sarbez! clothingSarbez! now has a fully functioning website which features an in depth story behind the company as well as a shop where all of Kunsch’s designs can be bought. The website has been a successful platform and a great asset to the company, according to Kunsch.

“People from all around the country have started getting hyped on my stuff. I’ve received orders from Canada, Montana, North Carolina, California, Georgia, Washington and Illinois,” Kunsch said.

Kunsch embraces the spirit of an American Poet James Broughton quote, “The only limits are, as always, those of vision.” Sarbez! is a company that believes in positive messages and uses clothing as a way to promote these ideas.


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