Proctor Library repairs inconvenient, but necessary

By Megan Bradt |

As this week is crunch time for students with final projects and papers, countless hours at Proctor Library is just part of the game. However, the sounds of fingers typing on keyboards are not the only sounds to be heard. Hammering and banging echo from the roof top, and in an effort to keep Flagler up-to-date and safe, construction on the replacement of the entire roof has begun.

The roof on the library has taking quite a weather beating over the years and after over 10 years of patching the sore spots, Flagler College has decided to start the rebuilding process.

The bidding for the roof began back in January, when the leaking became so bad that the fear of interior damage and sanitation forced the decision.

But Flagler student Isabella Ortega said the repairs are a distraction.

“It makes me feel very uncomfortable and I can’t focus in class,” she said.

Director of Business Services Larry Weeks said he knows this is an inconvenient time to begin repairs with finals coming up. But right now Flagler’s main concern is fixing the problem to prevent future weather damage.

While students are still moving about the campus, the college and construction workers are doing everything they can to work with and around everyone, Weeks said.

“The meeting we had on Tuesday was all about the safety of the students and faculty,” he said.

With finals just around the corner, Weeks said the business office will receive the finals schedule from the registrar’s office in order to make sure the construction is limited during those hours. Signs will also be printed and placed up around the construction fences to apologize for the inconvenience during the construction process, he said.

Weeks said the roofing process will take a total of 150 days to complete. After 3 bids were placed to take on the rebuild, the cost will be several hundred dollars.

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