News Brief: Fort parking lot to charge on Sundays

By Tiffanie Reynolds |

By this summer, the Castillo de San Marcos parking lot will start running their parking meters on Sunday.

Gordie Wilson, the superintendent of the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, said the increase in visitor attendance spurred the decision.

“I think with the oncoming 450th anniversary our park visitation will continue to increase,” said Wilson.

Since 2009, visitors have increased from 618,769 to 741,042 last year. Wilson said he hopes enforcing the hourly rates, which are $1.50, on Sunday will keep parking spaces open more frequently, giving more visitors a chance to tour the monument.

But, none of this can take place without the right paperwork. According to Tara Bennie, the city of St. Augustine Parking Coordinator, Wilson will have to confirm this request on paper. Once he confirms, they will be able to create and post new signs to officially enforce the change.

How long this whole process takes depends on how fast each piece of the project gets done.

Bennie says she hopes this change will take effect by mid to late April.

As of this time, Wilson has not sent his written confirmation.

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