Loren Cate discusses success both on and off the soccer field

By Daniel Arbelaez | gargoyle@flagler.edu
Photo by Dyann Busse

Loren Cate, a striker for the Flagler College women’s soccer team, knows what her goals are in life. Last season, she scored a total of 13 goals in the 18 games she started. In her three seasons playing for Flagler, she has scored 27 goals in 53 games. Cate is not just an excellent striker, but also an excellent student. Her 3.75 GPA confirms that she not only scores in the field, but also in her grades.

QHow do you maintain a 3.75 GPA and at the same time have a high level on the soccer team?
AI just have to always make sure that I maintain a balance between school, soccer, and my friends. As long as I’m getting my school work done and managing that around soccer, then I will find time to do things with friends too. However, school always has to come first.

QWere you also a good player in high school?
AI was definitely a different player in high school. College has given me the chance to improve my skills and my knowledge of the game. My coaches in college have really helped me improve my game and my ability to put myself in position to score.

QWhich goal that you have scored has been the most important to you while playing for Flagler College?
AIn my career I’ve scored a lot of goals, that’s my job as a forward. To be honest, there are some goals that stand out more than others. But when you’re on the field and in the moment, every goal seems like it’s the most important goal you’ll ever score, whether it’s a game winner or if it’s one of many scored in that game. The best feeling in the world is scoring for your team and knowing that your teammates are relying on you for putting points on the board.

QDo you want to be a professional soccer player?
AI never really considered playing soccer professionally. My goal was always to play in college and get my degree. I know that soccer will always be in my life whether I play in a league or coach, but I don’t think that I have a genuine interest in playing professionally at this point in my life.

QWhat is your goal for senior year as a soccer player?
AI have a lot of hopes for my senior year. I would love to see our team win the regular season and conference championship. I’d like to beat the teams we play that are ranked. I believe that our team can achieve all of those goals. Personally, I’d like to match my goals scored and double my assists and be a leader on the field.

QWhat is your goal after you graduate from college?
AAfter I graduate from college I would like to go to graduate school and study international development. My goal is work for an organization works to ensure that human rights are recognized and maintained globally.

QDo you think you can be the captain of the team? Why or why not?
AI would be honored to be voted as a captain for my team. However, if I am not a captain I still hope to be a leader on the field and help to motivate my team.

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