King Khan and the Shrines plays Cafe 11

By Ashley Kailyn Goodman |

King Khan and the Shrines brought back the spirit of James Brown and drenched it with Indie rock during their performance at the Original Cafe 11 on Feb 8th.

Berlin based garage rock band King Khan and the Shrines, is comprised of Arish Amad Khan (King Khan), Mr. Speedfinger on guitar, Riddiman on bass, John Boy Adonis on drums, percussionist Ron Streeter, Mr. Ovitch on lead organ and piano, San Fransico on trumpet, Ben Ra on tenor saxophone, Big Fred on baritone saxophone and go-go dancer Bamboorella.

King Khan and the Shrines stopped through St. Augustine for the tour of their latest album, “The Supreme Genius of King Khan,” a compilation of their best songs from previous albums. “My kids really enjoy the music. They have really good taste,” Khan said. King Khan’s music is a reminder of 60’s psychedelia but his lyrics are simple and sometimes a little too honest.

Inspired by old R&B, psychedelic and rock n’ roll, King Khan’s performance at Cafe Eleven was full of energy, and the audience fed right off of it. Dancing, moshing and crowd surfing was a regular occurrence throughout the night.

The crowd especially felt the funk during “I Took My Lady to Dinner.” Khan opened this big band noise number by telling the crowd, “They say America has a fat problem…I ain’t see nothing wrong with that!” The crowd joined Khan as he sang “My baby’s fat, she’s ugly, she’s fat and she’s ugly, but I love her, I love her, oh yes oh yes I do.”

Khan was scantily dressed in a satin cape, matching underwear and a feather headdress. “My wife designs all my costumes,” Khan said.  King Khan is well known for his on stage antics, urinating in public, throwing things at his audience and mooning actress Lindsay Lohan at the Cannes Film Festival after a song. One of his favorite concert memories isn’t so scandalous: “Once in Sweden we filled up a van with thirty fans and went to the beach,” Khan said.

So what’s next for the band? “Finish the new album that’s coming out this year and more touring,” Khan said.


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