Jacuzzi Boys opening for King Khan and the Shrines at Cafe 11 on Feb. 8

By Ryan Buffa| gargoyle@flagler.edu

Influenced by “rock and roll in general” and “sexy music,” Miami based garage punk-pop band, Jacuzzi Boys, will be opening for King Khan and the Shrines at the Original Café 11 on Feb. 8th.

The Jacuzzi Boys is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Gabriel Alcala, drummer Diego Monasterios and bassist Danny Gonzalez, a trio that is as fun and colorful as the streets of South Florida. “The Miami environment … the weather, the wildlife … being surrounded by water. It’s part of the band’s DNA,” Gonzalez said.

The Jaccuzzi Boys latest album, “Glazin,'” is perfect for those who rather throw on their tattered Vans and go tear up the town to those who rather spend a day on the beach with their sweetheart.

What started out as a joke between band members led to the title of their second album released in 2011 under Hardly Art. Alcala coined the term and the band immediately understood the meaning. “It felt right,” Gonzalez said.

Although ‘Glazin'” has no real definition, Gonzalez describes the term as a state of mind and is “more of an idea rather than an actual meaning,” he said. “It can mean a lot of different stuff … from x-rated to something sweet.” The only definition of the word can be found in Urbandictionary.com, where it is described as “hard core chillin.'” “Maybe it’s not for everyone,” he said.

Whatever the album title means, the idea leads to a good time and lingers with yearning for an early Florida summer. The lyrical themes on “Glazin'” emphasize the flashback to a teenage boy’s daydream of sharing shaved ice on the pier with that perfect girl, and maybe even stealing a kiss. “It’s a lot about girls … a lot about sweets,” Gonzalez said. “Just girls in general.”

Bassist Gonzalez wants listeners to simply have a good time while experiencing the album. “Hopefully (listeners) just dance … Put it on before a party, during a party, driving in the car … while making love,” Gonzalez said.

The Jaccuzzi Boys have already caught the attention of Jack White, and recorded a live performance at White’s Third Man Record. “It was like a two day mini festival,” said Gonzalez. “It was a lot of fun. I think the record turned out great … we have been back a number of times.”

With the surge of garage-surf-punk-pop bands from California, such as Ty Segall and Wavves, the Florida boys let their music speak for itself. “We let other people decide what they think of us,” Gonzalez said. “I think everyone has their own unique thing going. We kind of do what we do. We don’t drive ourselves crazy trying to distinguish ourselves.”

The Jacuzzi Boys seem to live by “Glazin,'” whatever it means, and live to enjoy the rock and roll lifestyle. “We never really set out any goals so there is no point in starting now … Just keep doing what we’re doing … we let things happen naturally.” But Gonzalez jokingly adds one future goal: “Maybe open for Elton John … or have him play piano on one of our songs one day.”

King Khan and the Shrines featuring the Jacuzzi Boys is at the Original Café 11 on Feb. 8th. Tickets are $15. For more ticket information visit www.originalcafe11.com.

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