The Blood Python

By Amber Dames

The different Types of animals that are the most interesting are snakes. One that was interesting that I seen in person was the blood python, which I figured out on my incredible trip to The Alligator Farm of Saint Augustine.

That a blood python grows to an average of 4-7ft. These pythons are medium length snakes with a large girth for size. Their head is long and broad and distinctly wider than its neck. The upper part of the snake is pale with a dark pattern. This is reversion of the underside. The dark element of the pattern is usually red, orange, red ox brown, and tan or yellow.

The Geographic range is in south East Asia in southern Thailand Malaysia, Indonesia and The Borneo Island. Their Habitat is swampy area poorly drained, plain forest hills. The blood python are good hunter they feed on mice, rats, rabbit, and other small animals.

My interview with a nice young worker, Ms. Danielle Leopold, was awesome. Her main job is a reptile keeper. Her Favorite animal is the Broad snouted k-man. “The hardest part to my job is setting out on my day and trying to get everything done. The venomous snakes are the hardest to work with.” Leopold said.

The blood python is hard to work with because its gets moody. Ms. Leopold has been bitten by the pygmy python the smallest animal on the property and also by the Bluetongue snake, which is the slowest.

At the Alligator Farm that I explored today with Flager College students Tiffanie, Danielle, Angela, Eliza, and Dr. Sarkio there are 100 or more snakes. Up to 1000 Alligators in all. Up to 90 birds as well.

I am Amber Dames former member of Saint Augustine, Florida Boys and Girls Club.

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