Adobe set to make big changes

By Kara Duffy |

Adobe plays an essential part in consumer, educational and professional technologies. As these technologies are changing, Adobe must stay as user-friendly as it has been in the past.

In 2007, Apple banned Adobe from its iPhone and from its iPad in 2010. As Apple began to expand its technologies, Adobe’s software became incompatible. Adobe Flash could not perform well on mobile devices, especially touch screen devices.

The interactive development team at Adobe will be releasing two new software’s in 2012, Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge.

“Adobe’s actions reflect the fact that mobile is booming, and Apple does own a good share of that market,” Natalie Stephenson, art and graphic design professor at Flagler College, said.

Adobe has taken action towards becoming more compatible with the ever-changing technology. Edge is a tool that is supposed to collaborate, not replace, Flash. This new tool will be a regularly updated to create motion picture content for mobile devices, like Apple touch screen products and Google products, such as the Android.

Muse, on the other hand, is a new website-creating tool that makes creating an elegant graphic design website simple without the use of HTML codes.

“Muse will be like a hybrid of Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver, which will finally provide designers with a more visual way to create websites,” Stephenson said.

The programs Edge and Muse are currently being tested by the Adobe interactive development team to determine whether they will be able to operate under the standards of the new HTML 5.

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