Indie rock supergroup Mister Heavenly plays the Original Cafe Eleven

By Ryan Buffa |

Mister Heavenly, the kings and creators of self-generated genre “Doo-Wop,” played at the Original Café Eleven on Nov. 8 for their “Out of Love” tour in classic dark jean jackets and black tipped dress shoes.

The indie rock super group Mister Heavenly consists of the melodic voice of Nick Thornburn (Islands/the Unicorns), gravel vocals and pounding keys player Ryan Kattner (Man Man) and veteran drummer Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse/the Shins).

Mister Heavenly sounded as fresh and darkly dreamy as the album. We are talking chocolate swirl ice cream on a cake cone. The crowd reflected this aura of bittersweet love when they would progress from swaying side to side in a trance to crowd surfing.

Mister Heavenly played fan favorites such as “Pineapple Girl,” “Mister Heavenly,” “Doom Wop” and “Diddy Eyes.”

The night started with opening band Lighthouse Music, a local band that got the crowd moving around like the beaming light of the Lighthouse. Lighthouse Music is heavily influenced by Katner’s original band, Man Man, as well as many jazz artists. The combination of these genres set an atmosphere for a fun night filled with great music. The crowd enjoyed Lighthouse Music so much that they cheered for one more song. The band gratefully played until they had to be kicked off the stage.

When Mister Heavenly took the stage, the audience packed into the venue and the lighthearted melodies of Thornburn and brusque vocal of Kattner spread through the room. The entire band seemed to be truly enjoying themselves as each member flailed their arms and jumped around stage. Plummer even had a smile from ear to ear.

Mister Heavenly’s first album, “Out of Love,” is now available.

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