Fall fashion report

By Erica Carothers gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler College student Isabella Ortega showing off her flats

The fall season means ditching the swimsuits and shorts for sweaters and scarves. This year Flagler College fashionistas are walking around campus in Fall 2011 most stylish shoes.

Flagler College junior and fashionisto Adam Krell said the fall color pallet this year are “browns, burnt oranges and blacks are key.” Krell makes sure he has all three in his closet.

Fall 2011 styles include combining the neutral colors Krell mentioned and adding a fun and colorful boot.

“I love when fall comes around because that means it is boot season! I love any and all types of fall leather boots, whether it is high heel boots or platform or even flat suede boots,” Flagler College student Carlie Fair said.

With so many different styles to choose from, some find it difficult to have just one favorite. “I like them all. My preference though is brown leather boots that come to about the mid shin area of the leg with a small platform style heel,” said Fair.

Although boots are most popular in the fall season, flats are also a trendy and comfortable alternative. Flagler senior Paige Dotson said “boots are always a must when fall comes around but I also like leather flats on a warmer fall day.”

No matter the style, Flagler College students know the trends and feel free to stomp campus grounds with a stylish boot.

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