Drumming Away the Monday Blues

By Joshua Santos | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Mondays. To some it means chugging lots of coffee and dreading another week of school and work. For freshman TJ Kennedy, however, Mondays mean getting out of class around noon, dragging his drum kit — consisting of four toms, a snare, a bass drum, a cowbell, three cymbals and a high hat — from the third floor of Lewis House and rocking out on the West Lawn.

Kennedy began playing drums 12 years ago, inspired by big band and 50s jazz drummers like Buddy Rich — his personal favorite.

“I love funk,” he said, while jamming with fellow freshman musician Stephen Gayewski, holding a not-so-loud acoustic bass guitar, gave the audience of whoever happens to be walking around at the time, what they want.

Kennedy sees no harm in bringing his drums out to the west lawn, as he claims it would anger his RA if he attempted to play in his dorm room.

Although a skilled drummer, Kennedy does not play in a band.  “I’m content without being in a band,” he said banging away solo. He received five offers last time he played, but has not heard back from anyone wishing to use his drumming expertise.

“I played for six hours last Monday,” said Kennedy whose time was cut short by the rain that day, yet vowed to continue playing every Monday after class.

Shortly after the interview, Kennedy was asked to stop playing by an unknown faculty member who was hosting a session nearby.

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