Flagler students weigh in on over-the-top halloween costumes

By Angela Biggs & Sherria Jones| gargoyle@flagler.edu

Many Flagler students are talking about their Halloween costume ideas, but this year’s costume selection has caused much controversy and has students discussing what costumes seem too unethical or inappropriate. Take, for instance, a costume labeled “Sexy Anna Rexia” for women and girls that labels them as skin and bones.

This costume is a tight fitted dress with a skeleton on it. Accessories include a cinched tape measure for a belt and a decorative bone for a bow.

Anorexia is a life threatening body image disorder where a person starves themselves of food to achieve a desirable weight. According to the National Organization for Women Foundation, 5 to 10 million people in the United States suffer from anorexia.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous what some of these costumes are allowing people to wear. Whatever happened to princesses and pumpkins? It’s sad to think that society is relying on new costume ideas and this is what they give us,” Flagler College junior Eliza Jordan said.

Flagler College Senior Travis Norris said he thinks controversial costumes, such as the Anna Rexia costume, deters children and teenagers from experiencing the spirit of Halloween.

“I think children shouldn’t even be allowed to see these costumes. It gives them the wrong idea, when all they should really be worried about is their candy,” Norris said.

However, Flagler junior Isabella Ortega said she sees both the humor and the hurt in the costume.

“I find the concept to be clever and humorous,” Ortega, a communications major, said. “However, the disease is serious and I understand why many would be offended by the costume.”

Flagler College student Celia Hodges would rather make her own costume than worry about the options offered at stores.

“People should try to be more creative,” she said.

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