Matisyahu comes to Ponte Vedra, rocks local crowd

By Phillip C. Sunkel IV |

"David likes every song," said David Sr. "We've been listening to Matisyahu since 2004, so before David was born." "I really like the song One Day," said David Jr.

Matisyahu danced and swayed to the rhythms his backup band Dub Trio supplied.

The lights illuminating Matisyahu made him seem like an angel sent to perform positive reggae infleunced hip-hop to the masses.

Jammed into the confines of a sold-out Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, the crowd still found room to move with the music.

Positive energy bellowed off the walls as Matisyahu performed his hit songs, like "Jerusalem" and "Youth."

At the end of Trevor Hall's set, David Sr. lifted David Jr. just over the railing, hoping Trevor would notice and give Jr. a guitar pick. Luckily for David Jr., Trevor noticed and handed Jr. his first guitar pick at his first concert.

After Matisyahu finished his encore songs, Exaltation and One Day, his young sons came out onto the stage and passed out their father's set list to the crowd. The last person in the crowd to receive a set list was none other than David Jr."To this day I can still remember every wonderful detail of my first concert experience," David Sr. said. "I can only hope that David Jr. will look back on this night and remember it as fondly as I remember my first concert."

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