Incubus shines at St. Augustine Amphitheater

By Ryan Buffa |
Photos by Gorge Gallardo

The Southern California  rock band, Incubus, played St. Augustine for their “If not now, when?” tour and filled up the amphitheater seats on Sept. 22.

Incubus has been creating music for the past twenty years and they still sound as edgy and full forced today. Incbus consists of vocalist Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Mike Einzinger, drummer Jose Pasillas, bassist Ben Kenney and DJ Killmore. Incubus comes together to create a sound that has been placed in many genres such as “nu alternative, “alternative rock,” “electro” and “rap metal.”

Boyd belted his recognizable smooth rock voice through songs from previous albums such as “Love hurts,” which normally would sound like a power ballad if it were not for the ambitious mix of genres that break out through the song.

Incubus rocked the audience with popular songs dating back from previous albums such as “Vitamin,” “Wish you were here,” “Pardon me,” “Dig” and “Love hurts.”

Boyd connected with the audience as he got down and one knee and sang, “Promises, Promises,” a song from their latest album released in July.

Other new songs played from the new album, “If not now, when?” were “Adolescents,” “The Original” and “Switchblade.”

The audience sang together throughout all the most popular Incubus songs and after the show was all said and done, the crowd danced and sang all the way out of the amphitheater to Journey’s “Don’t stop believin.'”

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