A&E briefs for April

Photography Club joins Art Walk

By Alex Carlo | gargoyle@flagler.edu

The Flagler College Photography Club showed some of their photos during First Friday Art Walk at the St. Augustine Bank on April 1.

Here’s what some Art Walk visitors said about the display.

Breana Berry, a Flagler College junior:

“My favorite collection was Sara Williamson’s. [The photos]  went really well together. It was like it told a deeper story.”

Gorge Gallardo, vice president of Photography Club:

“I love the fact that each photographer in the club has a unique eye and use it to create amazing works of art. There have been a few photographers that have floored me with their talent.”

Gallardo also said he is glad the Photography Club earned its chance to shine.

“I have missed the last few opportunities to have my work shown in the past few art walks,” he said. “I do plan to having my work shown in the next art walk. It is important to show my work and gain a little recognition. Who knows? I could make a lot of money.”

Movie Review: “The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D”
By Alex Carlo | gargoyle@flagler.edu

“The Ultimate Wave Tahiti” brings surfing to life. Pro-surfer Kelly Slater and a group of friends go on surf trip to Tahiti. They meet up with Tahitian surfer Raimana Van Bastolaer, who is a native and helps them find the best surf spots.

The location of the movie could not be any more beautiful. The island of Tahiti is breathtaking, and the movie makes the audience feel like they are literally on a vacation.

Not only is Slater easy on the eyes but a nine-time World Champion. During the filming of this movie he won his tenth award.

This movie has actually been out for some time now, but has just recently made it’s way to St. Augustine. The film is now playing at the World Golf Village.

Movie Review: “Hanna”
By Alex Carlo | gargoyle@flagler.edu

“Hanna” is a movie about a young girl who lives in the forest with her father. He has trained her to be the perfect soldier. She wants to leave but the audience is not informed why until close to the end. This makes most of the film completely confusing.

The movie keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats, only because of the frequent murders and intense action. The fight scenes are pretty cool because of the camera angles and music choices. The color schemes brought out the true emotions expressed in the movie.

Saoirse Ronan, who played Hanna, did a flawless job. She really got into the character. The other actors did a great job as well. The plot was really the only bad thing about this movie. It made little to no sense at all. The end leaves the viewer asking: “What just happened?”

Over all, “Hanna” had a lot of great aspects and once it ends you will be walking down the aisles wanting to kick some butt. It is not worth 10 dollars, wait until it comes out on DVD or On Demand, and make sure its with a friend so you can both collectively figure out the misleading plot.

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