Update: Campus offices may be moved and new buildings take shape

By Amber Jurgensen | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Campus planning is like moving pieces of a puzzle around, according to Larry Weeks, director of business services at Flagler College.

Take for instance one of Flagler College’s newest buildings, 66 Cuna Street, which was purchased in the summer.

“The owner wanted to sell it to Flagler College. He was very candid about selling it to the college,” said Tracy Halcomb, the Communication Department chair.

Possible plans included moving communication faculty offices into it, but its fate was left undecided on Feb. 23 at the last Board of Trustees meeting.

“We’re holding off on moving the communication building over to 66 Cuna. There’s some discussion among the board members on additional locations for a new academic building. So while we explore other options, we are not moving forward with the renovations of 66 Cuna right now,” Weeks said. “For the time being, everything’s staying just the way it is.”

But Weeks is working on other options for the building.

“I’ve presented two or three different plans to [Flagler President William T. Abare Jr.] on different departments that can be moved into that building. One of the options is that the Business Services office might move down there,” Weeks said.

In place of the Business Services office, Weeks has plans to move faculty offices into the business building.

“One of the advantages of having [the current Business Services building as faculty offices is that it is convenient to all the classrooms. But again that is just one of the many options,” Weeks said.

Another new building is taking shape at 63 Cordova Street, which is the dirt parking lot across the street from Ponce parking.

“We’ve gotten plans approved by the city to build a financial aid and admissions office,” Weeks said. “That would free up about one and a half floors of Wiley Hall to do something with.”

“It gives a nice place for all the new and prospective students to come and see a nice facility and start their tour on coming to Flagler,” Weeks said.

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