Opinion: Not so hot in Miami

By Travis Norris | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Six months ago all I heard about was the Miami heat was going to be the team beat in the NBA. When they traded Chris Bosh and Lebron James to Dwayne Wade’s Heat, people looked at it as almost being unfair to the league. There was talk about the dynamic trio as if they were going to take the league by storm. With Lebron’s Akron hammer dunk style, Wade’s elusiveness and silky shot, and Chris Bosh’s way to get points in the paint, it seemed that this was going to be the best team out there.

Well, since the season has been going on it doesn’t seem to be the case.

These guys aren’t playing fundamental basketball. They’re playing backyard street ball which involves very little team work. The reason the San Antonio Spurs and the Chicago Bulls are playing so well is because they play as a team. You can’t just have a bunch of star players running around trying to get on the highlight reel every night. Watching the Heat lose these important games in the past couple weeks has showed me a ton about how to win in the NBA. Superstars or not, you have to have guys who are team players and have a team chemistry where they know each other’s next move.

People were saying that the Heat was going to automatically be in the finals and win the whole thing. Now they aren’t even sure if they’re going to do anything in the playoffs. It really pissed me off watching these guys play the other night. They looked confused and didn’t even know who to give the ball to. Oh, and getting Mike Bibby on the team was stupid. Bibby is old as dirt and just needs to put the basketball down and take up a hobby. He’s old, and the man just doesn’t have it anymore. Sorry to put you out there Bibby, but I think it’s time to just give it up and take up golf.

The Heat can be a good team if they just start playing team basketball. I think they have a lot of talent and it’s just not being used properly. I mean they arguably have three of the top seven basketball players in the NBA. Utilize their abilites and come up with a game plan before it’s too late. The season is coming to a close and the playoffs are right around the corner. Come on Heat, it’s time to step your game up and go to work!

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