Let’s play ball!

By Travis Norris | gargoyle@flagler.edu

The world is filled with millions of sports fans who live and breathe sports. My whole life I have followed sports, played sports, and looked up to certain athletes. When I hear about how we might not have a NFL season next year due to labor strikes it really grinds my gears. I mean what would a whole year be like without NFL football? The great feeling of sitting back having a cold one and then immediately jumping out of your seat to high five your fellow sports fan sitting next to you.

Football is a sport that brings people together and gives us a chance to feel free from the rest of society. When Sunday Night football is on I can guarantee you where millions of people are — right in front of the television or at the game.

I hate how we can actually lose such a loved sport just because of money and greed. There are millions of people who would go out there and play for almost nothing. These athletes are getting payed millions of dollars and they’re complaining?

I know it’s not just the athletes who are striking, because it’s also the owners. They say if the players salaries grow faster than revenue, the NFL would quickly lose its financial viability. So why can’t everyone just take a little cut and play ball?

I know the world’s not perfect and money is the main issue, but we’re talking about the greatest sport alive people. I might sound a little harsh, but in this case I’m pointing fingers. We need to wake up and realize how great we have it and be thankful for such a wonderful sport we actually have.

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