The Style File: February Trendsetters

By Eliza Jordan |

Photo Illustrations by Phillip C. Sunkel IV

To understand styles other than your own, you’ve go to try and understand them!

I found two consistently well-dressed Flagler College students that have their own unique twist to fashion.

Because their styles were so different in comparison, I decided to ask them the same questions.

My first subject, Michael Newberger, is a double major in political science and communication (journalism track) who enjoys “weird, old pop culture.”

The next, Alyssa Murfey, is a business major who collects sushi paraphernalia.

Although their styles may be contrasting, they have both been successful in creating a look that they can call their own.

Here is what my lovely trendsetters had to say:

Eliza: What are you wearing?

Alyssa: A Modest Mouse t-shirt, fun cardigan, gold elephant necklace, denim skirt, black fleece leggings (super warm!) and my gold herring bone Toms.

Michael: I’m just wearing my black blazer, Levi 511s and Ben Sherman boots.

EJ: That’s a great combination. Why?

AM: It’s comfy but expresses my personal style, while still allowing me freedom to layer it up in St. Auggie – where it’s

Alyssa Murfey, 21, poses for a picture at the Lightner Museum

warm til the sun goes down.

MN: It’s my go-to outfit when I’m going to do to something, because a.) I think it looks pretty good. And b.) I’m actually kinda unoriginal when I dress up and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

EJ: Any fashion inspirations?AM: My mom. I love to raid her closet, and her hand-me-downs from the 80s are always the best!

MN: I get inspiration from old school style kind of like mods in the 60s and modern versions of 50s style. At least I try to.

EJ: Who are your fashion icons?

AM: My mom again, hehe.

MN: It’s cheesy but the first band I ever really got into was the The Hives, which got me into the whole “black suit thing.” I get a lot of ideas from the music world – from all sorts of artists and bands. Mark Ronson is the main guy out right now, who just always kills it when he dresses up.

EJ: Do you have a favorite designer?

AM: I love Alexander McQueen dresses!

MN: I don’t really have enough money to buy designer labels, but brand-wise – my favorites are probably Ben Sherman and Topman.

EJ: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

AM: My leggings. How else would I compensate for my short legs other than by wearing leggings, and turning long shirts into short dresses?

MN: I have a lot of them, but my absolute favorite is a combat jacket I bought from a military surplus catalog store when I was a freshman in high school during my awkward “angry youth who thinks he’s in The Clash” stage. It keeps the rain out and is relatively warm. I’ve worn it non-stop in all situations and it looks good with a t-shirt and sneakers, or a tie and dress shoes.
I’m glad I never ended up putting those patches and studs on them back in the day.

EJ: What is your go-to accessory?

AM: My elephant necklace. Adds a little of my personal flare to any outfit and can tie together the elements. Also, elephants are good luck. I love them.

MN: My gold tie-tack I inherited from my grandfather.
And a pocket square usually makes you look like you have yourself together even if you’re shirts got BBQ sauce on it.

EJ: Favorite magazine for fashion advice?

AM: Vogue…I love looking through the spreads to get re-inspired about fashion.

MN: GQ, it’s the best.

EJ: Dark or light?

AM: Light.

MN: Dark. I’d like to be able to wear lighter stuff more, it’s something I’m working on.

EJ: Day or night?

AM: Night.

MN: Night

EJ: Suspenders or fashion glasses?

AM: Fashion glasses all the way.

Michael Newberger, 20, sits on the back steps at the Lightner Museum.

MN: Real glasses. I’m straight blind.

EJ: Casual or fancy?

AM: Casual with a fancy twist.

MN: Not too fancy but definitely not too casual.

EJ: What’s your fashion pet peeve?

AM: Tube-socks + sandals.

MN: When either sex just wears a baggie hoodie and sweats around in public.
It happens to the best of us but I’ll see people dress like that everyday.
Pajamas on campus don’t make us look too great.

EJ: What do you love about today’s trends?

AM: Fun prints and colors that keep things from getting boring.

MN: These days thanks to all the looks available on the Internet, people pull off some crazy stuff you wouldn’t even think of but still look good in the process.

EJ: What do you think about the weight and height limitations for today’s models?

AM: I am half their size and twice the punch!

MN: I don’t think it’s as big of a deal for guys. Runway model guys are almost comical but I’m not really into high fashion so it doesn’t really bother me.

As you can see, both of these styles are personal, original creations. They each have little quirks and are both unique in different ways.

It’s easier and easier to see that everyone dresses differently, and as it appears today, that’s the way it should be.

Make your own mark. Be your own brand. Create your own trend.

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