The Style File: Dark or light is always right

By Eliza Jordan |

Go in your closet, or in other words, go crazy! Blindfold yourself and grab something. Now pull it over your head.

Chances are, if you snap on a bold, formal watch paired with an edgy fedora, you’ve more than likely got yourself quite the outfit, my dear.

Nowadays, almost anything goes, and to be completely honest, it’s about time!

According to GQ’s most recent edition, darker and dressier is exactly what is hot, and to tell you the truth, I am most certainly not complaining. This applies to almost anything. That’s right, almost anything- from nail polish to shoulder bags; the darker and dressier the hotter!

But don’t get me wrong: this does not mean rummaging through your closet in all aspirations to trash your most precious, floral printed tops! Oh no.. but how about pairing that prissy little top with a rugged, dark-wash jean jacket? Now that is up to GQ par.

And guys, do not let me discourage you with all of this floral, sassy talk- for you are more than lucky right now with fashion opportunities! You have quite a range to work with: low-cut, v-neck tees, button down cardigans, oversized watches and skinny jeans?- Since when has fashion been your playground?!

Gals, let’s share the playing field and allow these guys to dabble in our true expression profession.

And for guys and gals alike- suit jackets paired with ripped jeans?- You can bet that’s in.

Oh, and are you tired of those old, over-worn denims collecting dust in your closet? Snatch them up, take a good pair of scissors to those old, trusty go-tos, and cut them into perfection. Hello, new Daisy Dukes (or for those of you who aren’t fans: hello, lovely capris)!

Never be afraid to take risks, never be afraid to be daring, and never, EVER second guess your instincts (a.k.a. your style senses).

With any outfit, whether in fashion doubt or not, pair your most simplistic style with some serious confidence and you’re more than good to go!

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