Head to Head: Teen Mom VS. Jersey Shore

Written and Photographer by Nai’sha Stallion

Drinking, Drugs and sex on MTV programs such as Jersey Shore is a bad influence on young adults, while Teen Mom helps to prevent Pregnancy.

Jersey Shore Increases violent and aggressive behavior in young adults by portraying the characters as being  celebrities. On the other hand Teen Mom shows the hardships of teen pregnancy and the responsibilities of having a baby at a young age.

“I think Teen Mom positively influences young adults,” Said Alicia Jacobson.

In an episode of Jersey Shore Sammi and Jwoww’s drama escalated to physical violence.People just watch it to see the drama and be entertained and to have a great laugh about it. Even boys at Flagler college watch Jersey Shore.

“Every Thursday  the boys of Lewis dorms meet on the third floor to watch Jersey Shore,” said Dillon Bradley, a Flagler College student. 

While Jersey Shore  shows aggressive behavior with no consequences, Teen Mom  shows the repercussions of irresponsible sexual activity. According to a 2001 study from the Kaiser family foundation, entitled sex on TV, three out of four prime time shows containe sexual referncecs.

Maci is a great role model on Teen Mom because she doesn’t  go to the club every night  she stays home and takes care of Bentley. Farrah is a  bad  influence because she goes to the club every night making her mom take care of Sophia. Teen Mom is a good  influence because it shows examples of good and bad moms.

Jersey Shore is TRASH,  DIRTY and  STANK. In my opinion Teen Mom is educational, helpful and entertaining.

In 2010, the Flagler College Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) chapter launched Mission: Media, a program that lets St. Augustine’s Boys and Girls Club children control the news for a day. In Mission: Media, the children generate and develop story ideas in a “news budget” meeting that SPJ members lead before heading out into the field. Each SPJ member guides a few children through the city and helps them find and interview sources. After the children finish reporting, they return to the Flagler College Gargoyle office to write and publish their work here.

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